Strategic Non-Violence

Conflict Unraveled is a practical resource on strategic non-violence, that delivers results in today’s world.


Andra Medea was a youngster in the Chicago neighborhood of Marquette Park, when Martin Luther King led a pair of marches that were met by vicious white rioters. King’s campaign failed, and the neighborhood became home to the American Nazi Party.

Medea’s mother became a civil rights activist, and Medea contended with racists and regular beatings. Fighting did not work; she was usually out-numbered. Instead Medea learned to out-think her opponents: tying gangs into knots by crossing signals and freezing their dynamics.

Like many at the time, Medea had no interest in non-violence, considering it outdated and hopelessly idealistic. But over time, she began to realize her intuitive moves were a form of non-violence. Moreover, as the peaceful changes shifted the neighborhood, she began to re-consider the value of the seemingly failed system.


In time, Medea came to teach conflict management at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. She distilled her work into concise models, while focusing on practical results. Her commitment was that theory needed to be a road map, not a rabbit hole.

Meanwhile, some of the great non-violent strategists had retired to Chicago, such as Rev. James Bevel and Diane Nash. Medea studied their strategies, and interviewed them. While history recorded what happened, little was said about the strategic plans that had made it happen.

There were campaigns, and virtual miracles. But someone made those miracles happen. Exactly how was it done?


Conflict Unraveled maps non-violent strategies for the current century. With down-to-earth language and examples, Medea explains patterns and plans so that ordinary people can win against the odds, and bring lasting change to themselves and the world around them.